I Love Panties!

I’m a lover of panties…not so much lingerie, but panties. So many of us girls spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year on panties and lingerie. Panties are individualistic. They express our personality. Personally I wear panties based on my mood. Am I feeling sexy….itty bitty thong. When I feeling like crawling in the bed for a nap….bikini.
I mean think of all the different panties! V-string, G-string cheekies, bikini, boy short, hip hugger, thong, and although not my favorite or even ever wear them, the brief. And then there’s lace, cotton, silk, and edible! The list goes on and on.

This is a blog of my love affair with panties and your spot to read, dream, fantasize and share your love for them too!

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